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Relax at our Dive bar and restaurant in Bossier, LA

We've all been there - your workday seems to drag on forever, and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. If you need to cut loose before heading home, come to The Wayward Son. We're a bar and restaurant in Bossier, LA with a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Why choose The Wayward Son?

Why choose The Wayward Son?

While there are many bar and restaurant options to choose from, residents of Bossier, LA have come back to us time and time again. Since our inception, we've strived to create a laid-back and fun environment where everyone feels welcome.

Whether you want to relax with an ice-cold beer or shoot some pool with new friends, The Wayward Son is the place to be. Visit our local bar with pool tables this weekend to see what all the buzz is about. We have nightly events and delicious bar food!

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